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For more than 65 years, Project HOPE has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with health care workers to provide the tools, equipment, training and mental health support they need to care for their communities. Our teams are on the ground in Ukraine, Gaza, Haiti, and more than 25 countries delivering the solutions health workers need to save lives and drive long-term transformation.

Photo of health worker in Gaza using a stethoscope to check a child's breathing and heart rate.

At Project HOPE, we know that health care workers represent the best of humanity in so many ways. They are steadfast in the face of danger, resilient in crisis, and committed to providing compassionate care — no matter the danger to themselves. But they can’t do it alone. Doctors, nurses, midwives, pharmacists and all health workers need our help and advocacy to be safe, supported and equipped to save lives.

Will you pledge to take the actions below to support health workers?

•  Protect and ensure the safety of hospitals and health care workers. Incidents of violence, from the bombing of hospitals to the kidnapping of health workers, took place in more than 30 countries and territories in 2022. We must ensure that the targeting of health care workers does not become the new norm.

•  Call for increased investment in health workers across the world now — not after the next pandemic, or after conflict and climate change have further intensified health crises.

•   Champion fair compensation for all health care workers, especially when women in this sector face a 24% gender pay gap.

•  Advocate for training and incentives for more people to become health care workers. With at least half of people around the world still lacking access to essential health services, building a robust health workforce is essential to saving lives now and into the future.




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