Rebuilding health care takes time

While we’re saving lives after the earthquakes in Turkey, we’re still rebuilding health care in places like Ukraine and Haiti. By making your gift monthly, you’ll provide the support we need to truly transform communities across the world. Plus your first gift will be matched!

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Ukraine Still Needs Us

As Project HOPE teams continue to gain access to new areas of Ukraine, we see the devastation of war in the destroyed towns, ransacked medical facilities, and in the faces of Ukrainians who have endured so much. And, as the temperatures swiftly plummet, the ability to provide medical aid and other support is a matter of life-or-death for so many.

Give now to help send medicines, equip health workers and support people at risk from violence, COVID-19 and health crises in places like Ukraine, Ethiopia and Puerto Rico.

Within Ukraine, bordering regions, and across the world, we are delivering medical supplies, training for health workers, lifesaving care through mobile medical units and other relief for refugees and displaced children and families.

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